the naked gentleman

I believe that to be ashamed of one’s naked body is to be ashamed of being human. In the spirit of “be the change,” I seize or create opportunities to be clothes-free regardless of what might be expected. I don’t kid myself that it’s a treat for anyone to see me nude, but that’s not the point. This is how I look. This is who I am. I feel no need to hide.


Whether at home among friends or in a crowd of strangers, I feel that being non-sexually nude among clothed folk has the potential to ease them toward an understanding that it’s just no big deal.


Many onlookers, in person and online, seem to respond to nudity with strictly sexual interest or as if it were a freak show… and I can’t control that. I hope that eventually, through osmosis, some of them may come to think that a human body is a perfectly natural thing which doesn’t always mean sex, and which shouldn’t need to be hidden from view. 

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